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Risk Free Fundraising for Sports Team Aug 11, 2017

Most fundraising involve some sort of planning, mobilizing of resources and some monetary investment. Some venues have to be paid for before fundraising events are carried out, invitations have to be sent, marketing and promotions carried out just to mention a few pre-fundraising planning and... Read More


Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas that You Need to Know Aug 02, 2017

There are numerous quick and easy fundraising ideas that would enable you raise the required amount of money for whatever cause you are championing for. Not so fast! But there is always a catch: otherwise every tom, dick and harry would do fundraising. The trick associated with quick and easy... Read More


Raise Money to Pay for Memorial Services: You Can Use Crowdfunding to Reach your Network Jul 26, 2017

There are three most important days in one’s life and i.e. birth, marriage and death. Whereas birth and marriage are sources if jubilation and merry making, the later is characterized by somber mood and is such a sad and heartbreaking one. The situation even gets worse when the funeral and... Read More


Unbeatable and Easy Ways to Raise Money for Projects Jul 24, 2017

Raising money to start a business or a project isn’t an easy task. To most entrepreneurs, raising sufficient capital for their businesses is the toughest challenges they usually have to face and solutions to this challenge are usually difficult and cumbersome to get. Regardless of this... Read More


5 Important Tips for Crowdfunding – Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for a Business Jun 19, 2017

Businesses face tremendous challenges but none is as tough as raising the required funds for the business. Without funds, your business growth can stagnate, your idea left to gather dust in the shelves, and or run out of business. There are of course numerous applications for funds by... Read More


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