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5 Fundraising Ideas for High School

Posted on Jun 01, 2017

There are numerous ways schools employ to raise money to meet their financial needs.

Some of these ways include fundraising, donations, grants, school tuition and fees among others. Fundraising is however gaining more and more popularity as preferred method of how to raise money for schools. This is so because fundraising ideas for high schools are many and these ideas can be applied concurrently for increased chances of success in raising larger sums of money.

As effective and efficient methods of how to raise money for schools evolve so is the cost associated with running of schools and meeting the education needs of students. This underscores the importance of selecting and embracing most appropriate fundraising ideas for high schools that can yield optimal funds for scholarships, books, projects among other needs.

Most advocated for fundraising ideas for high school include:-

Scratch and support/win can work extremely well whenever there are meetings or events that involve attendance of large numbers of guests, the public, parents and students. The participants must be made aware of the concept behind the tickets and be informed that it’s meant to help raise money for the school. Tickets costing $5 to $10 can then be purchased and given to the attendees who upon scratching have to donate the revealed amount to the school fundraising kitty. The revealed amount can range from $20 to $100 but not below 20% of the amount spent on a ticket.

This can be made more fun and attractive to participants by having two or three tickets with a hidden price to be won e.g. a vacation trip.

·         Sales of pastries and refreshments: Selling is one old fundraising idea for high schools that will never lose the magic touch as at any given time, man is always selling or buying. High school students with help from their parents and teachers can make fresh pastries including cookies, biscuits and cakes or obtain them from bakeries at a discounted price. These items can then be sold to students, staff and parents or the public from designated points and on specific days to raise money for the school. Drinks too can be sold as complement to the pastries.

·         Sporting activities, competitions and performances: The most effective and simple way of how to raise money for school is through harnessing the numerous talents high school students have. These talents include athletics, dancing, singing, playing instruments, ball games etc. The students can have a platform to exhibit these talents through organizing of talent shows, sporting activities and competitions, dancing performances and drama festivals. During such events, attendees can be asked to pay entry fees and various institutions and companies sought to sponsor the event.

·         Car washes/ Auctions: Car washes can be organized by school management and be undertaken from school compound- play grounds or from public grounds. Staff, parents, and the general public can then be invited to bring their cars and or carpets for washing. They must be made aware that the function is meant to raise funds for school and be encouraged to make any other donations or contribution they may deem fit. During the event, other items like refreshments and car accessories can also be sold to raise even more money.

-          Auctions can be organized to sell off various items either donated by well wishers, parents or staff to raise more money for school.  School items and equipments that are no longer in use can also be auctioned.

·         Educations seminars and conferences: High schools from time to time have conferences and competitions aimed at gauging students’ understanding of various knowledge/education concepts and their levels of expression. This is a great fundraising idea for high schools as it can be used to kill two birds at ago. Students will showcase their knowledge on various academic topics as well as use the same events to raise money for the school. The invited schools and students would be required to pay participation charges that will partly be used to facilitate the event and partly go into the schools fundraising kitty. Sponsors of such events can also be sought.

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