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5 Important Tips for Crowdfunding – Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas for a Business

Posted on Jun 19, 2017

Businesses face tremendous challenges but none is as tough as raising the required funds for the business. Without funds, your business growth can stagnate, your idea left to gather dust in the shelves, and or run out of business. There are of course numerous applications for funds by businesses including developing new products and services, research, expansion, setup costs among others.

Whereas these application and needs for funds can be really stressing to businesses, there are numerous fantastic quick and easy fundraising ideas for a business. One great way to raise funds for a business is through websites to raise money for a cause which constitute crowdfunding. Crowd funding involves a pool of individuals or companies that have access to funds and are willing to finance viable businesses or projects. Websites to raise money for a cause provide a platform and opportunities for these investors to meet and interact with those entrepreneurs who have fantastic workable business ideas but lack sufficient funds to transform their ideas into a business ventures. 

I would like to discuss 5 key tips that are vital in crowdfunding.

·         Create a good website

Personal website to raise money for a cause or business project is the most important tool in crowdfunding. Your website is the gateway through which interested investors can know and learn about your idea. Through the website, you can showcase your idea and present necessary information that would help investors to make informed decision on whether to fund you or not.

Your website must be professionally done, carry relevant and updated content about your project and required amounts of funds. It can also contain any progress made with fundraising; provide room for inputs and criticism from sites visitors, among other details.

·         Work with a schedule and build a credible story for the project

Crowdfunding is a quick and easy fundraising idea for a business but businesses must work with schedule. Website must be set up way before the actual crowdfunding drive and a story for your business idea or venture must be credible and based on factual data that would be essential in supporting the idea. The actual fundraising effort must be done within acceptable time frames that enable the crowdfunding effort to be fruitful at same time communicate the urgency of the funds.

·         Use all online platforms including social media

Crowdfunding can be very successful more so if marketed and advertised appropriately through all available channels. Ensure that your business idea and need for funds is trending, discussed and available in as many online platforms as possible. The more people get to know of your projects, the higher the chances of getting the required funding.

Ensure you engage the visitors on your sites by answering their queries, considering their useful inputs and criticisms etc.

·         Keep and maintain online conversations

Ensure that you utilize your website to raise money for cause and other crowdfunding sites for your own gains. Ensure that you keep conversations about your project alive and that you let people know about any press releases, mentions, publications about your project or any information that can lead to more discussions about your idea.

·         Family and friends can be very useful

Getting cash from family friends and relatives can be another good example of quick and easy fundraising ideas for business which then can be augmented through crowdfunding. Ensure you do not mix business with friends and family though by coming up with appropriate conditions of accepting their cash.


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