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Actionable Ideas to Raise Money for Sports and Clubs

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

Whenever it comes to raising money for sports and clubs, there is usually an aura of enthusiasm and need to show sportsmanship that can be harnessed to make fundraising for sports and clubs successful. Some people, be it fans, sportsmen and women or the general public, have great admiration for sports and sports personalities. This kind of admiration and liking can work really well in enabling sports teams and clubs to fundraise monies.

Some of the best fundraising ideas for sports that can be used include the following:-

·         Sports and clubs usually have members, large audiences, sponsors and well-wishers who can be involved in direct fundraising for sports teams or clubs. This can be done through organizing of fundraising events where all these groups would be invited to make contributions. This can be an easy fundraising idea for sports teams and can be bolstered even further by inviting sports celebrities and other dignitaries.

·         Those sports teams and clubs with facilities including, auditoriums, play grounds, and courts, can lease them out to other teams or clubs at a fee. Same facilities can even be leased to event planners. These event planners can then have events like weddings, picnics, ceremonies, meetings, and charities, be held from the club’s facilities.   Churches, schools, NGO’s, companies and other institutions can also be targeted to hold such events from the club’s facilities.

    Other fundraising ideas for sports teams in regard to leasing are letting of their sporting equipment to other teams, clubs, or institutions.

·         Branding is another easy fundraising idea for sports teams. Those who own facilities like play grounds, courts and auditoriums can have sponsoring institutions and companies help them raise funds, donate or contribute to their causes by allowing them to brand the facilities by placing strategic posters and other branding materials on designated places within the club’s facilities for advertising purposes.  Apart from branding the venues, sports teams and clubs can have their team members don in costumes branded with the sponsoring company’s logo, names or products. Such agreements would be a great fundraising idea for sports teams and can be very lucrative.

·         Organizing of sporting activities and competitions can also be another great and easy fundraising idea for sport teams and clubs. These events can be marketed appropriately to attract professional players, sponsors and large number of spectators. Various clubs and sports teams that would be invited to such events would then be required to pay participation fees and entry fees would be required to be paid by spectators and other visitors. 

·         Other fundraisings ideas for sports teams involve training opportunities for amateurs and new members or other sportsmen. This will involve having the best sportspersons from the teams or team’s coaches train other interested clubs’ members on various sporting activities, make them motivated and give them advices. All trainees will then be required to pay for the training. Schools, colleges, clubs and other institutions can also be targeted with this training program as it would present a unique training opportunity for their players.

·         Using specific companies’ costumes and equipment and other sporting tools can yet be another awesome fundraising idea for sports teams. Specific sports equipment/costumes manufacturers, wholesalers or franchises can have players use their manufactured costumes and tools during sporting events. The companies would then pay for such an opportunity to advertise their sporting products whilst making the club save on costume expenses.

·         Sports and clubs can organize charity walks and events to fundraise for their causes. This is an easy way to raise funds for sports team. The theme of such charity event can be raising money for such missions like cancer treatment, heart surgery, wildlife conservation etc. Money would be raised from participants’ registration fee, sponsors, well-wishers and public’s donations and contributions.  These monies would then be given to the core cause of charity. 

The club would raise money through selling of their products like t-shirts, diaries, pictures, charging for use of clubs facilities etc. 

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