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Great Fundraising Ideas for Dance Groups and Clubs

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

Common and most simple fundraising ideas for dance groups and clubs include:

  • Family friends, family members, relatives and the public can be requested to participate in contributing and donating funds for dance teams and clubs. Such contribution can be channeled through donation boxes that can be placed at various safe and strategic places like at supermarkets and banks. Alternatively they can be told to buy specific services or products with a guarantee that a percentage of the sales proceeds would be donated to a specific club or dance team. 
  • Dance teams and club members being professionals, can participate in competitive sporting or dance events and collect payment for their participation and win prizes. The clubs can also fundraise through performance in public arenas and private functions as hired entertainers or volunteers. In either case, they can solicit for donations and contributions for their cause.  
  • Food, drinks and pastry can also be sold as another idea for fundraising for clubs. Either the club can buy various delicacies and drinks and sell them at a margin to members and other people within a decided period of time like a week or so, or the club would make their own food and mix their own drinks and sell the same to the members or the public. If professional chefs or cooks are involved, people would then be invited to learn from and interact with the experts at a fee.
  • Car and carpet washing is an event that can attract many participants and help raise money for club or dance teams more so if the theme of such an event  is  clearly advertised and made known. 
  • Clubs have fantastic facilities that can be hired out to other institutions or individuals at a fee to fundraise for clubs. These facilities include courts, play grounds, sporting equipment, theaters, halls and costumes. The trainers or professional of these clubs can also be hired to train other individuals thus raising more money for clubs. Dancers also being professionals, they can have dancing training sessions which will attract some fees from participants.
  • Dance groups and clubs can charge registration or joining fees that can be used as a mean to fundraise for clubs. New members would be required to pay some fee for registration and existing members can be charged periodical subscription fees in order to raise funds.


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