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How to find an Inexpensive and Easy Fundraising for Kids

Posted on May 10, 2017

The world has a soft spot for kids and children. We always embrace children and do as they wish with little or no persuasion. We do not judge nor hold prejudiced opinions about kids which make fundraising for schools easier if appropriately planned and executed. Whereas I cannot pinpoint why we are inclined to giving to the kids, involving kids in fundraising for schools can make the exercise very successful.  These facts not only make kids fundraising easier but also inexpensive more so if the kids are at least in part involved in the exercise.

So what are the easiest fundraising ideas for kids?

To answer this question we need to keep in mind that there are numerous easy fundraising ideas for kids that can be exploited. However, the execution and planning of the fundraising efforts play a major role. So whatever idea is adopted, it should be well planned and executed with details like the level and ages of the kids, the extent to which the kids can be involved, and venues playing central roles in the planning exercise.  In addition, various easy fundraising ideas for kids can be used concurrently to yield even much success.

Easy fundraising ideas for kids:-

·         Selling of fresh pastries and other fast moving items

Kids may not be able to make their own pastries but their parents can be involved and or fresh pastries can be bought from bakeries. The pastries together with refreshments can then be sold to parents, staff, and general public dependant from where the event is taking place. Such events have to be scheduled to coincide with other events like sports, fundraising, and parents meetings if maximum amounts are to be collected.

·         Fundraising campaigns

Fundraising for schools can be bolstered by holding a fundraising drive or event. This can be organized to take many form including having a specific day and venue from where people can gather and formally raise money, having kids, staff, parents and friends of the school collect money from the public, friends and relatives through the use of collecting cards where one indicates name and amount given to the collector. The collected amounts are then accumulated together and submitted to the school.

·         Walks and community works

Community work and charity walks, runs and events also can be easy fundraising idea for kids. Such events attract huge crowds who turn up to support the kids as well as participate in the event. During such events refreshments, costumes, kids’ arts, among other items can be sold to raise money whilst requiring the participants to buy participating tickets at a small fee.

The audience that such events attract can enable organizers to solicit for sponsors and companies who will then pay to advertise their products and services whilst sponsoring the event.

·         Sporting activities

Everyone likes to see kids compete and play as we all want to see healthy and active children. Such sporting activities for kids can really attract people who will then be requested to contribute towards fundraising for the school. Parents of the kids can also be invited to participate in the sporting events and help their children win or compete appropriately. Companies and institutions more so those dealing in children products and affairs can also be invited to sponsor such activities.

·         Shops, supermarkets, retail outlets involvement

Involvement of various outlets to fundraise for schools is another great and easy fundraising idea for kids. Given kids do not have the resources and capacity at times to participate in fundraising, schools can design coin/note boxes, or huge boxes and baskets bearing their logo and place them at strategic places like at points of sale (POS) counters and ATMs, supermarkets, malls, residential houses and in various offices. These boxes and baskets should clearly have message asking the public for donations/contributions of any kind- material or monetary towards the schools fundraising drive. 

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