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School Fundraising Tips-5 Ideas for Students Fundraising

Posted on Mar 22, 2017

In recent times, fundraising has become an unavoidable task to students due to increase in expenses associated to education which has been skyrocketing.  Thus it has become an important exercise to students of all levels who have to participate in efforts to raise funds for their tuition fees, living expenses, projects, and books as well as meet other pressing financial needs.

Some of the ideas of how to raise money for schools include:-

School and college students can put up performances either artistic, sporting, drama, cultural or comical. These performances can be organized as a drive to fundraise for schools and colleges students where entry fees can be charged. The event can be organized to include other schools or colleges. These schools or colleges can then be required to pay some participation fee while entrance fee is charged on spectators.

Scratch and support can also be very good idea for fundraising for schools and colleges students. This can be strategically used when there are events like parents meeting, sporting events, concerts, cultural week, or other organized events. Scratch cards of mixed amounts can be purchased at a flat rate of $10 and distributed to parents, students, friends or teachers. Once the cards are distributed, they are then scratched to reveal an amount which can range from $20-$100. The amount so revealed is then contributed by the participant towards the fundraising drive.

Selling fresh pastry.  Everyone loves pastries more so freshly baked ones. This is a great fundraising idea for college students who know how to make cakes, cookies and other pastries. These pastries can be sold at higher margin partly because they are fresh and partly because of the cause they are championing. Alternatively, professional bakers can be hired and apart from baking, they would also provide lessons on baking to interested parties who would then be asked to pay some small fee.

Charity events can be organized to champion the cause of fundraising for colleges and high schools students. The participants both individuals and corporate would be invited and requested to support the cause by paying some fee for registration. Sponsors of the event can also be sought and encouraged to brand the event and use it as a promotion and marketing opportunity for their services and products.

Schools and college students come from diverse cultural and traditional backgrounds which include both local and international. These background differences and cultures can be harnessed to raise funds for schools and colleges students by organizing a cultural week or carnival where all these diversities can be packaged in forms of exotic dances, folk lore, storytelling, acting, costumes, food, etc. for sale and exhibition. Attendees would be required to pay entry fees while participants may be asked to pay small participation fee. 

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