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Some Innovative Fundraising Ideas for Non Profits and Workplace

Posted on May 26, 2017

 Car/carpet wash exercise

One great fundraising idea for your workplace is car wash / carpet wash event. This can be more effective if organized in advance and carried from a public place where members of the public too can have their cars washed. If selected venue is big enough, more volunteers can be engaged to wash carpets, sofa sets, and rugs too.

To attract a good and sizable crowd, the exercise should be advertised and marketed as a fundraising exercise and people asked to contribute. As a fundraising idea for your workplace, car and carpet washing can also include selling of car accessories and refreshments to raise more money.

 Fundraising campaign

This is yet another important fundraising idea for your workplace and nonprofits. There are many fundraising campaigns that can be undertaken to raise money for nonprofits and workplace.

      Some of the campaigns include:-

Having a fundraising event held on specific day. This will involve inviting guests- individuals and or institutions including the public to the event. During the material day, attendees would then be asked to make contributions towards the identified cause.

Another fundraising campaign is through engaging retail outlets like shops, supermarket and gas stations. Nonprofits would liaise with such outlets, manufacturers and suppliers to have specific amount or percentage of sale of given items contributed towards the nonprofit or certain cause. The buyers would then be made aware that by buying certain items, they would be supporting a certain nonprofit’s cause.

Another campaigns method is by having contributions boxes, baskets, coin and money boxes at various strategic places like point of sale (POS) counters, banks, service desks etc. so that the public can make either material or cash donations and contributions.

Online campaigns

Online fundraising for nonprofits can also be a wonderful idea of raising money. With personal fundraising websites, nonprofits or even companies can raise money through crowdfunding or through other numerous creative means. For an effective online fundraising for nonprofits, the following can be used:-

Website can be used in a fundraising campaign. Be it you want to do an event, sell some items through auctions, rent facilities and premises, websites can be used to attract and let people know of such activities and efforts. Personal fundraising websites can also be used to sell the idea or cause being championed for and can attract well wishers and members of the public to make donations and contributions.

Online fundraising for nonprofits can also be fostered through social media and other friendly sites. Apart from selling the campaign, the nonprofits can have their site’s links in such other sites and on social media to attract traffic to their sites which may result to contributions or donations.

Another online fundraising idea for nonprofits is through working with online shops to have promotions that entails encouraging people to buy goods and services online to promote a certain nonprofit. This is achieved by having certain amount donated by the online shop to certain nonprofit institution whenever certain goods are bought.

 Charity events and drives

Charity events and drives can also be a good fundraising idea for your workplace. Activities like environmental cleaning and rubbish collection, visiting old people and orphanages, doing runs and walks in support of specific cause like cancer and doing charity sporting events can be useful in raising money for nonprofits. Such events would attract huge number of participants who would be requested to buy various items like t-shirts, costumes and have the proceeds go towards the cause. The events can also seek sponsors who would make huge contribution and support the event.

Tickets / coupons selling

Ticket and coupon selling can work as an online fundraising for nonprofits as well as a great fundraising idea for your workplace. Through own websites and social media, nonprofits can sell and market their own organized events, movies, exhibitions and raise money or better still work as ticket selling agents and get commissions.  This can also be adopted by workplaces where tickets can be sold to colleagues and friend at a margin and at commission.



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