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Start a Fundraiser to Ease the Financial Burden- Funeral Fundraising

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

Funeral are very sad events indeed. Grieving a dead friend, relative, or family member is not an easy thing and it can break a person down. It becomes more difficult when one needs to raise money for the funeral because amidst grieving your beloved one, you need to also carry out a demanding exercise of raising money for the funeral. 


Despite the challenges involved in funeral fundraising efforts, there are a number of ways that can be used to raise money for the funeral.


Direct fundraising for funeral is one of the best ways that can be employed. Family members, relatives, friends and the general public always have a sense of responsibility to the dead and would be obliged to participate in such an exercise. An event would be organized and people would be invited to make their contributions and for those who cannot make it to the event can have their contributions sent. Such event can be held more than once until a set target is achieved. In situations where holding an event can be difficult, a committee of people can be established that would then communicate with contributors on how to make their contributions.


The family of the deceased or relatives can sell or auction the properties of the deceased to raise money for the funeral. This is recommended when the financial burden is too big and the deceased has sufficient property that can be sold to offset the funeral costs. Of course this must be done in consideration to the deceased’s will and the welfare of the remaining dependents. 


There are institutions that can offer help through easy to pay loans which can be great in offsetting the funeral expenses. These loans can be acquired by the family members or relatives or alternatively be acquired by attaching the deceased’s property as collateral.


Sporting events can be organized in the honor of the deceased. People would be invited to attend the event and asked to pay some fee as tribute to the deceased. These monies would then be used for the funeral arrangements.


Since a lot of people attend funerals, another way to raise money for funeral is through selling of fresh pastries, food and drinks to the visitors who would be happy to buy them even at a higher price. They would pay higher prices because of the cause they would be promoting. The sales profits can then be accumulated and used for the funeral purposes. 


Dinner and luncheon events can also be organized by the family, friends, or relatives of the deceased to celebrate the life of the deceased and raise money for the funeral. The invited guests to such events can then be requested to contribute directly to the cause or buy tickets to the event. During the event, discussions can be held on how to raise money for the funeral and allow the attendees make any contributions be it monetary or material towards the cause. Donations baskets and boxes would be placed at strategic places in the venue from where contributions can be made. A visitor’s book can also be maintained where each visitor can sign his name and write any amount he is willing to contribute towards the cause.


Social media platforms and the internet are also very important and cheap means of raising funds for a funeral. Social media sites like facebook and twitter can be used to rally and reach out to friends of the deceased to make contributions. They can have their contribution and donations channeled through specific person known to them or through online platforms like visa, mastercard, paypal, skrill etc.


A website can also be developed specifically to help raise funds for the funeral. The website will contain brief bio of the deceased, with clear message to well-wishers relative, friends and other visitors to make contributions towards the funeral. Various methods of making such contributions would then be included on the site. 

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