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Unique Fundraising Ideas for Community Groups

Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Fundraising ideas for community group include the following:

Charity events that would involve registration and participation in a worthy cause can be a fantastic community fundraising idea. The participants would be required to pay participation fee or registration fee.  Such events could include charity walks, sporting events, community cleaning among other activities. Participants would be given branded garments indicating the purpose of such event and encouraged to contribute towards the cause. Such events would attract large numbers since they would provide an opportunity for socializing and networking whilst being a fun and creative outdoor activity.

Sporting events. Community sporting events can be a good fundraising idea for the community. A community can have various talented individuals who can participate in competitive sporting events, fun and team building events or an awareness building sporting events. Such events can attract sponsors who would contribute and donate to the community. The events can also be used to raise funds by charging the audience some fees. 

Exchange/swap shops or events. These events can be another great fundraising idea for the community. These shops and events are meant to provide a venue or an opportunity for community members to trade and exchange products, items or equipment that may no longer need for e.g. baby cribs and toys which older kids may not need. The community would require small entry fees to such events from sellers or ask for donation of part of their sales proceeds to the cause.

Engraved products can be sold by the community to various individuals or corporations that may be keen in making themselves more visible to the society at large. This can be done through placement of their engraved information in community projects and public arenas or in initiatives that they may have partnered with the community in carrying out. Alternatively, a special public place can be created where names of individuals or companies that have helped and partnered with the community in overcoming various financial challenges can be engraved. 

Public holiday activities can be organized to constructively utilize the free time available to community members. The community members can be asked to carry out activities like garbage collection, environmental cleanups, caring for the old and the orphaned during public holidays. The funds that could have been spent in dong these tasks, can then be used in other pressing areas as within the community.




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