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Please help my son!


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This is my cousin's son Daishaun. He has been in and out of the hospital for the last 8 months. He has grand mal seizures on a regular basis. He has them so frequently that his school is on edge with him continuing school there or now being home bound because they are not medically able to help give him all of the medical attention he may need at the time because his oxygen levels drop with his continuous seizures. Daishaun has been confined to the hospital for the last 4 weeks because he cannot be left unsupervised for any period of time. His mother Andrea has to be by his side 24 hours per the hospital staff. They are still trying to figure out what is causing his seizures. Andrea's job has cut her hours down to almost nothing because she has had to call in to work so many times. She also has an 8 year old son who has had to stay with Andrea's sister because Andrea can not leave the hospital. She has bill's that are mounting and soon will not be able to afford the small apartment the 3 of them share. Andrea is a veteran and has served her country and now could use a little help herself. She is too proud to ask for help so I'm doing it for her! Please help her out so she doesn't lose their home. Anything would help at this time even if sharing this is the only way you can help than it is very much appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Update: Dai'Shaun was approved for surgery for his epllepsy . The problem the family is running into is that his insurance may not pay for the entire surgery that he desperately needs. Please help this family help their little boy so he can continue to live the semi normal life he was leading until the grand mal seizures have gotten out of hand. Dai'Shaun's mom is now on a personal unpaid leave as she struggles to be a single mom of two and needs all the help she can get during these trying times.

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