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Different studies pointed out that many social problems occur as a result of ignorance. considering the fact that a community without a library is like a graveyard, I have been feeling a lot of pain seeing how children in the rural areas suffer from lack of access to libraries and the extent to which this affect them throughout their development and therefore I decided to do something about it.Given the economic conditions of their families within a community whereby the average annual income per capita is $800 according to the world bank, there is no doubt that majority of parents can't  afford to buy sufficient books for their children.Having spent all my childhood in a remote rural area of Taba I have a good understanding of how having access to a library in this comunity would impact  many children and help in shaping them to become adults.it should also be noted that in the current ever changing world Libraries are the best literacy resource we have.In this regard, I want to create a library for  Taba Rural community that will faciliate children in primary and secondary education at Gitanda Primary schools and its environs to have access to books.This will be a gathering place for knowledge enrichment for the local community and serves as a window to the world.The people who will be using the library most are students and teachers in Gitanda Secondary School as well as the population around this areas will benefit from this library in many ways.As a remote area comunity, accessing to this library would expose them to new things,new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing.It would also contribute to self improvement,improve understanding, gaining experince from other people, fight against idleness,increasing communication as well as getting open to the world without forgetting the ability to boost their imagination and creativity.

The money raised from this campaign will be allocated in three categories such as:


30% for building a library room

60%for buying books

10% for  functionality of the library


Together we can save the world from ignorance and social problems by supporting litracy and the reading habit in the rural communities of Africa.God bless you and your help no matter how small it could be  because great things start from humble beginnings.

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