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Help for Disabled Martha and Her 3 Small Friends

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Martha and her 3 small friends rescued doggies are facing the very real possibility of losing the roof over their head and having to be separated and the doggies surrendered. Martha's three doggies each had their own sad story until Martha rescued them. She has taken care of them for years. Two of the doggies are seniors.

Martha was a clerk for 43 years. Recently she had surgery on her knee which forced her into a wheelchair. Despite the difficulty of caring for 3 of her small friends while keeping the weight off of her injured leg, Martha has kept pushing and having faith that she can save her family and not be forced to surrender her small friends.

My wife and I has been helping her for many months and has kept her family together, but she is not able to put weight on her leg yet or return to working to provide for them independently. We need donations for both Martha and the dogs. Help with expenses of shelter, food, electric , medical for Martha and her small friends.

Please help if you can. Everyone needs a helping hand in life once in awhile. If you have already contributed, please share with others who might be able to help.
Thank you and God Bless. 



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