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  • Organizing of charity events that would involve registration and participation for a worthy cause. A fee would then be charged for participation and registration. Such events could include charity walks, sporting events, community cleaning among other activities. Participants would be given branded garments indicating the purpose of such event and encouraged to contribute towards the cause.
  • Another community fundraising idea is making of garments, ornaments, and other items that would be sold in efforts to raise funds for the community.
  • Auctions form yet another community fundraising idea. The members of community can be asked to bring or donate items or goods that can be sold to the public through auction and the proceeds contributed for the community.
  • Another community fundraising idea is through selling of goods and services to the members and community at large. Specifically fast moving goods can be purchased in bulk and sold at margin to the community in efforts to fundraise. Community leaders can involve manufacturers and suppliers who would contribute or donate goods or products towards the cause being championed by the community. Also produce from the community can be sold to members of the community and public at margin to raise funds for the community.
  • Community activities like culture and traditional showcasing, cooking competitions, garments and clothing competitions among others, could also be organized to aid in fundraising for the community. These activities would ideally attract audience who would be happy to attend and buy the goods at good margins. Sponsors would also be invited to contribute and partner with the community in fundraising for the community.
  • Fundraising drives could also be undertaken to fundraise for the community. Contribution forms could be printed and given to members. The members would then use these forms to raise money from their friends, relatives, colleagues and peers. Then these contributions either in cash or otherwise, would be collected together and presented during the day set for fundraising where more contributions would be made.

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