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Who are the people involved in funddom.com and why should I trust this site?

Funddom.com is widely known and recognized for quick response to its customers. We attend to our customer needs by raising money online to cater for various projects that they may be undertaking. We are located in the United States, Dallas city, Texas. The average time that we take to respond to our users' requests is approximately ten minutes. We value our customers, so we attend to our customers with immediate effect upon a request for attention.  We are very committed to ensuring that our users have an easy time raising money to meet the cost of various important projects, including health bills, innovations, environmental protection, welfare programs, and accident response, among others. Funddom.com success stories and videos can inform you better about what we have done for our users and what they have gained from us.

How do I get my money?

When online donations are received from your fundraising campaign, you are free to make a withdrawal.  Once you make a request, funddom.com does not hinder you from making a withdrawal, after all, the money is donated for your project to come to life. To withdraw money, you just click on the withdraw button on your funddom.com account. There are instructions displayed on the screen, you should follow them to the letter and be very careful not to miss any step. You can withdraw the balance in your account directly to your bank account. However, United States users are free to request a check from the backers through funddom.com.

Can I raise money for a friend?

Yes, you can raise money for a friend. However, during the withdrawal, you cannot access the bank accounts of the friends for whom you raised the money. They have to do it themselves as we are concerned about the security of the money raised through funddom.com. This is insisted on and keenly observed by funddom.com for security purposes. Some people may take advantage of their friend’s projects and ideas to exploit such opportunities to raise money that would not end up in the real project. This has no place in funddom.com. Transparency and honesty are highly valued in raising funds for a friend. If the company discovers that the fundraiser is not transparent and honest, the account is terminated and the person responsible may face interrogations over suspected fraud.

Do you charge my donors?

No, we would never do that. The donor pledges the amount to donate to the project. When the time expires, the exact amount pledged is deducted from the donor’s credit card. We would never charge the donor for our own benefit. Never. The same is made known to the donors during their time of the pledge. Since our aim is to encourage support for sensitive and important projects, the project backers remain protected and preserved from any form of inconvenience.

Do you have time limits?

In funddom.com we do not have time limits. We keep your fundraising campaign live until you decide to stop it. You may also choose to remove the campaign from the site without harm. In most cases, our users leave or stop their campaigns with the positive and long lasting memories they acquire from helpful project backers they get from funddom.com. Actually, there is no user who wishes to leave the campaign. The site is so lively with encouraging comments and support from supporters. However, if as a user you would like to set a deadline, there is that option on our website when you sign up. Just select an “All-or-Nothing” Campaign while signing up. When the time expires, your campaign will be removed from the funddom.com website. Many projects with a deadline are those whose time is critical and will become ineffective after that time. Such include farewell projects or burial preparations.

How will I know if someone donates?

When the backer donates, the contributions pledged are deducted from his or her credit card. Once the contributions are made, you will receive a notification in your email address about the name of the donor, the amount of money donated towards the project and the time of donation. You will always receive a notification every time a donation is made to your funddom.com campaign by any other donor. The amount, date and time of contribution are indicated as they mark very important parts of the campaign. The donor’s or backer’s name is also revealed in the email to avoid scams, which have become popular in online activities. This keeps updating you on the amount of donations made in your funddom.com campaign.

Who will donate to my campaign?

Backers are the people who donate towards realization of the project. The donors could be your friends, well-wishers, workmates and any other willing person who is inspired by your project. There are no restrictions on who should donate to your campaign, the door is open for anyone to make contributions. However, when close friends and relatives start to make their contributions, pledges and support, other supporters are attracted to the project. Therefore, it is advisable to involve close friends, loved ones and relatives to support your project as it improves the image of the project from the beginning. This way, other supporters are likely to offer their support. Before starting on any project, you can begin by consulting with friends or other professionals about the project in order to get the best strategy that will deliver  the project.

What if I am not comfortable sharing this with friends and relatives?

Well, sharing the campaign with the very close friends and relatives is what makes your project perform well at funddom.com. Remember, you will not get support from strangers. Family members and relatives will not only give you support, but also spread the information to their friends who then come in. Therefore, it is very essential to share the information with your very close friends and relatives. People may be willing to support your project, but someone must spread the word to them. Some may not be frequent users of the Internet and hence they do not get the information. Share the information with your friends and relatives and it will be easier to raise the money required for your project, so please do not shy away.

Do I necessarily have to use my Facebook account?

It is optional and not mandatory to use your Facebook account in your campaign. However, if you have connected your Facebook with your funddom.com account, it will be very easy to spread the campaign to many people. This would increase the backers and donors interested in funding your project. Using your Facebook account enables you to reach many people and hence make the campaign easy for you. You can feel safe with funddom.com, as we will never post anything on your Facebook page without your authorization. A valid Facebook account is however required for Funddom.com campaigns. Scamming is highly discouraged.


Is my country supported?

Funddom.com supports all European Union countries that use the Euro as their official currency (€EUR). In this case, the supported countries include Australia ($AUD), Canada ($CAD), United Kingdom (£GBP) and the United States of America ($USD). These countries have the support of funddom.com for their official currency.

Can donors from other countries fund my project?

Of course, yes! Funddom.com campaigns receive donations from every part of the world. All the currencies are then converted into Euros for easier accountability. Funddom.com is free to accept donations from anybody despite their location, continent, country, race and even currency. This should not worry you. Funddom.com has no restrictions or limits when it comes to donations. Any willing person is highly welcome. You are also encouraged to make your campaign global to expand the chances of success. There are many countries where donors would be willing to fund such projects such as medical, education or innovation.

Can people donate from their mobile phones?

Yes, they can donate using their mobile phones. In your campaign, you give all the required information for the donation. The mobile version of your funddom.com page will load for all donors using their mobile devices. This therefore becomes easy for them to donate using their mobile phone's money transfer system. It is so convenient and easy. Your campaign from the view of mobile phone users looks great and makes it easy for donors to make their donations using their mobile device. In the modern world, mobile money transfer has become the most efficient form of money transfer. Since it is prevalent in many parts of the world, funddom.com has embraced it.

Can the money we raised offline be listed in our campaign?

Yes, this is done for personal campaigns only. If you raise money offline and you want it to reflect in your campaign, you should simply go to “Add offline donations” which can be selected inside your funddom.com dashboard. You then add the money you received offline to your campaign total. Note, you do not make any payment here. The selection is made to ensure that the money raised offline is reflected in the campaign. Remember funddom.com is very clear on the principles of honesty and transparency. No money should be raised away from the online funddom.com campaign. Every contribution should be added up in the online campaign. We encourage the fundraisers to add all the money that is raised both online and offline in order to demonstrate the project's performance. As stated, we discourage offline money collection as it may facilitate fraudulence.

Can donors give privately?

Of course, yes! There are some donors who would not like to have their donations viewed by the public. They are free to make their private contributions for their own personal reasons. The donor simply checks on the inbox to make their donations. However, the campaign organiser will still know the donor and the amount he has contributed. This will then reflect on the campaign for accountability purposes. When the donors ask for anonymity, you are obliged to keep their identity private. Some project donors would never want anyone to know if they have contributed towards the project for various reasons.

Can people give on a monthly basis?

Absolutely, yes! There is no harm in making a monthly contribution as far as funddom.com is concerned. All US- based campaigns have the option of making monthly contributions. Monthly contributions are also provided to those making donations to funddom.com certified charity campaigns. After all, most donors contribute from their salaries which are paid on a monthly basis. Therefore, donors are free to make monthly donations.

What about tax deduction and stuff?

Unfortunately, we are not in an perfect position to give specific tax advice. This is because our donors are in different locations and situations as far as taxation terms and conditions are concerned. However, donations to funddom.com are regarded as a personal gift in the US and hence are not taxed. In addition, funddom.com is not eligible for tax income deduction from the donors. Only legally registered non-profit making organizations or charity campaign centers are considered eligible for donors to claim income tax deduction. Nevertheless, there are various terms and conditions for tax deductions in different areas. For more clarification, please consult your area's professional tax expert.

How can I create a sucessful campaign?

You should be raising money for something you strongly believe in. If it is a business idea, it should be known to your friends and relatives. You must be very committed to your project. By being committed to the project you are raising money for, you are likely to get support from all people in your life. Well-wishers, friends and relatives will be very willing to help you to see the project come to life. Funddom.com always gives you very easy features to use in order to share your story with your friends, relatives and even the community. The features enable you to go straight to the point and hence create awareness to the donors or backers. This makes the campaign very successful.

It is recommended for every funddom.com campaign organizer to connect their Facebook account in order to reach more people. Spreading the word is paramount towards the success of the campaign. The campaign organizer should also use a high-quality campaign photo or even a video. He should also clearly make an illustration and explanation on why he is raising money. The project should be very realistic for this case. The donor must consider the validity of the project before they fund it. Sharing your campaign on Facebook is imperative.

For more tips towards a successful campaign, here are five steps to follow in a campaign:

  • You should share with friends and family on Facebook.  These are very close people in your life, and they would be willing to contribute to ensure that your project comes to life. They will also share with other people who will also get interested in your campaign. This ensures that the word is spread to many people. You should ask all your friends and relatives to click like and share your campaign with their friends in Facebook. However, in case you do not have a Facebook account, you can ask a close friend or associate to administer your campaign. Remember to add personalized messages when you are sharing. This message should explain why the project you are willing to partake in means so much to you, and it should be heartfelt. This way, you are likely to get many views.
  • You should also share your link through email and other available social networks. Not everybody may be on Facebook, and hence it requires extra effort to reach more people. Social media is very useful in creating awareness to more people about your campaign. Reaching many people is an indication of the strength of your network and hence the success of your campaign. Funddom.com provides a link that can be shared on social media. The link is simple and very easy to remember. In fact, you can even customize it at your own leisure.
  • Remember to make your campaign to look its best. It should be the best to attract and make a heartfelt appeal to your viewers. Remember there are numerous campaigns on social media and they are of course very competitive. This goes without saying. Use a great photo or video to put your message across. Pictures of people are very appealing. For instance, if you want to raise money for education, let the viewers see a photo of the individual in uniform with his or her tools of work, and reading materials. If it is medical bill for a child, let the viewers see a photo of the sick child. This creates eagerness in the viewers to know more about the campaign. They are likely to contribute and spread the word to other people. Please avoid graphics and texts only to put the message across, they are not appealing. Avoid blurred and unclear images, they put the viewer’s interest in the campaign off. Write a title that is descriptive and catchy to the viewers. The campaign description you make should answer the questions and details required by your donors. In summary, your campaign should include an introduction of your campaign, your name, location and age. Secondly, what you are raising money for and why the project is very paramount to you. You can load your photos and videos here.
  • The donors should be updated on the progress of your project. All the donors and followers would love to know how the donations are working towards bringing your project to life. You should keep your story fresh and lively every time. You should update the followers and the donors on every step you take towards your progress in the cause. This is very encouraging and motivating to your followers. They can even donate more when they need to.
  • Do not forget to show your appreciation. Thank you, is a paramount word to say to your donors. They will feel recognized and appreciated. Remember these people are spending their hard earned money towards the success of your project. You should be grateful to them.

What are “Update” Messages?

Funddom.com gives “update” features that can be used frequently for any new and fresh information in the campaign. This information is shared with the followers and the donors to keep them updated on the progress of the project they are funding. This information is also shared on Facebook and other social media networks to attract more supporters. Therefore, update messages are very essential as the campaign is aired in funddom.com. Photos or videos can also be included as part of the update messages. The photos or videos should communicate new or fresh information concerning the progress of the cause you are undertaking.

How do I send thank-you notes?

To send a thank-you note, you just go to the funddom.com account and click on the recent donation. This selection gives you the name of the donor and the amount donated. Then click on the “say thank-you” button. With this procedure, you will be in a position to personalize the message and send it to the donor. Remember, thank-you is an essential word to say to your donors. Always appreciate the people in your life for the contributions they make.

When will I appear on funddom.com’s search results?

When your funddom.com campaign is live and is ready to receive donations, the funddom.com team must manually approve it in order for it to appear on the public search directory. Your campaign may be receiving donations, however, before funddom.com has given its approval, but the campaign will not appear on the public search directory. This means that your campaign is not accessible to the entire public but only to your followers and donors. Funddom.com ensures that donors are protected from misuse. Therefore, in order for a campaign to appear in the funddom.com search directory, it should meet the following requirements:

  • You should provide an authentic and valid Facebook account. The Facebook account should not be anonymous. If a Facebook account is suspected to be anonymous by having few friends, no photos, few comments and likes, it will not be approved by the  funddom.com team. You should keep on refreshing your Facebook information by clicking on the Facebook tab. This keeps the account updated on the account setting.
  • For the campaign to be approved, it must include a photo and a video. Graphics, logos and clip arts are not approved at any time. Photos and videos tend to give more detailed information and hence provide an aspect of honesty and transparency.
  • The campaign is expected to have raised at least $1,000 from online donations. Personal contributions made offline do not count here. Offline donations are not counted in the $1000 raised.
  • You should finally ensure that your funddom.com campaign is eligible to be listed in the public search directory. The videos and the photos should be decent and appealing to the viewers. This creates interest to the followers, and they are likely to finally support your project. To ensure that your campaign appears publicly on the funddom.com public search, you should follow the steps below:
    • 1:- Sign into http://www.funddom.com/sign-in/
    • 2:- In the Dashboard of your funddom.com account setting, click “edit” tab.
    • 3:- Check on the far left of your keyboard, click on the “ campaign setting” tab.
    • 4:- Under “Display on funddom.com” you should then toggle the “off” button to “yes”.
    • 5:- Finally, hit the “save settings”. Following this procedure will enable your campaign to appear on the funddom.com search results.

Nevertheless, before the approval, your campaign will be manually reviewed by members of the funddom.com team. With these criteria observed, your campaign will take twelve hours to be approved.

Where should I choose the category I want to appear in?

Funddom.com team members ensure that they review all the campaigns created. For those campaigns that meet the requirements, they are approved to appear in the funddom.com search results. However, for the classification of the categories, one of the team members is given the obligation to make the categories. Therefore, the campaign applicants have no control of the category they will appear in, that is left to the funddom.com team members.

How do I tell the safety when I donate to someone?

There are many thousands of campaigns, therefore it is not feasible for funddom.com to investigate all the complaints made by campaign organizers. However, to avoid fraud cases, funddom.com provides its followers with tools and directions that guide them on which campaign to support. Funddom.com and its payment partners provide caution and security measures to ensure that they detect any fraud in the payments. However, they insist that donors follow the instructions provided on every campaign platform. These measures are essential to ensure that the payments made for donations are not subjected to any fraud. It is advisable to make donations to people you know very well and trust at the same time.

Why does Funddom.com have to charge 5%?

There are major operating expenses in funddom.com, just like any other Internet service company. Technology, infrastructure, payroll or salaries and the allowances for our dedicated employees. Funddom.com has a business model where the users sign in and create a campaign with no charges. Those who visit our users’ campaigns are faced with challenges where they are not allowed to place advertisements and other distractions, hence ensuring that the users are able to raise more money.

Funddom.com operates on a 5% deduction on every donation that is made. The 5% deduction is very minimal as compared to other companies. In fact, the fee caters for the expenses incurred in the online transaction businesses and operation. Funddom.com is a very effective way of raising fund to help and support those who are in need and cannot afford to meet their bills. 95% of the money from donors goes directly to the intended recipients and therefore funddom.com operates in fair and just ways.

Do I have to be a non-profit to use this?

No, you do not have to be a non-profit making organization to use funddom.com to raise money online. Funddom.com is open for everybody every day to raise funds to help them make and have their projects come to life. However, non-profit making organizations find it easier and more efficient to use funddom.com to raise funds to help the users complete their projects. Funddom.com was established to join donors and campaign creators to raise money online and achieve the objectives of their ideas, dreams and projects. Users are also free to use funddom.com to raise money for their favorite charity work. This is part of community development projects.

Who is responsible for completing the project as promised?

The project creator is the one who comes up with the project, creates a campaign to raise funds and he or she is responsible for completing the project as promised to the donors. The donors will be happy to see the project they funded completed and worked towards economic development. Therefore, the project developer has no excuse but get the funds and utilize them to the maximum to see the project come to life. Note, funddom.com is not involved in the completion of the project, it is a platform for raising funds to complete the project. Funddom.com also does not guarantee the backers on the success of the project. Neither does funddom.com investigate the creator’s ability to succeed in the project. It is left to the backer to determine the validity and worthiness of a project before pledging money.

Are the backers able to tell whether a project will be successful, and how can they determine the success?

Project creators tend to put their reputations at risk when they launch their projects at funddom.com. As a result, the creators should be very committed to their projects before calling upon the donors to support the project. The creator should develop a very clear plan on how they will complete the project. The backer should also ensure that the creator has a history of other successful projects. If the creator has succeeded in the past, his or her project is likely to sail through. The project creators are also advised to create concise background information and provide links so that backers can have a clear idea and make informed decisions about the project they are funding. The backer should be very cautious before pledging their money for the project if the creator does not provide background information, past successful projects, does not include his or her photo in the video and is not connected to his or her Facebook account. Backers should not hesitate to get more information from the creator about the project. The information is very useful for the backer to determine if the project will follow through. The backer can click on the “contact me” button page before pledging money to support the creators in completing their projects.

How do I know the real project creator?

You are likely the friend of the creator or you could have probably heard about the project from a trusted source. The creator reaches donors through social media where friends, relatives, and loved ones are given priority to spread the word. There are also videos and background information provided by the project creator. You should go through them to familiarize yourself with the project creator. In every project, there is the bio section where the project creator gives website links. You should check the website links to ensure you get clear information about the project creator. In some cases, the creator is connected to a Facebook account where you can get more information. The person whose name appears is the project creator, or among the team members of funddom.com. You should also feel free to send the project creator a message for more clarification to clear your doubts.

If a project creator is having a problem in completing his project, what should he or she do?

Problems may arise, and the project creators may not be able to complete their project. If such a case happens, the project creator should update the backers on the problems he is experiencing in completing the project. Sharing the story is crucial and for creators who are honest with their backers, they will likely understand the situation. Remember the donors give their support to make sure that the project comes to life. Therefore, they will understand and even offer more support where necessary for the project creator to achieve his or her goals. Sometimes things may take longer than expected due to unavoidable circumstances. This should not be blamed on anybody. The project creator may find that the execution of the project is more difficult than he or she actually expected. If the creator is still willing to complete the project, he should give a breakdown analysis of how the money donated is utilized in the project. Accountability is very essential because it demonstrates honesty and transparency. The backer’s trust is won through honesty and transparency. The backers will be patient and give the creator more time to complete the project. However, if the problem seems very severe and hence the project cannot be completed, the creator should provide the solution including providing a refund to the donors for the funds not yet used. For the used funds, the creator should provide accountability on how the money was used.

What is a creator obligated to do once their project is funded?

The creator has the responsibility of working towards the completion of the project and must see to it that the donors are rewarded for their dedication. The reward here is the completion of the project. The creator makes promises to the backer before he pledges his support for the project. The promises should be fulfilled at all cost. The backers should also be a position to understand that funddom.com has no ready projects to present, but the projects are new ideas and innovations. Therefore, the creator should be given ample time to organize him or herself to come up with concrete results and a fruitful project. On some rare occasions, the creator may not be able to reach the finishing line of the project. The creator should give a concise report to the backers. In case more funds, support and advice are required, the creator should be open to speaking up for any help. The creator should put all his efforts into coming up with a way to satisfy the backers’ expectations. The project can be simplified to make it achievable and reasonable as well. The creator may have unrealistic expectations that may not be achieved in the completion of the project.

Can funddom.com refund the money in case the project is unable to be fulfilled?

In funddom.com, the transactions are direct between the backer and the project creator. Therefore, funddom.com cannot make any transaction with the donor. The creator receives all the money after the 5% operation expenses are paid.

Why can’t Funddom.com guarantee projects?

Funddom.com cannot guarantee a project because it was started with an aim of bringing the creators and the audience together to make things work. Many funding systems are focused on generating profit, but that is not the case with the funddom.com system. Therefore, young innovators are allowed to present their ideas in the website. Remember, for a profit making company, it guarantees the projects to ensure that they get more donors. Funddom.com brings in young innovators, some of who have never attempted a project before. This is the reason the creator has to keep on updating the backers on the progress of the project. Funddom.com focuses on a better and more developed community by making the project comes to life. The company can never guarantee the projects, as profit is not its priority, but it enhances the implementation of the project by creating a platform where the backer meets with the project creator.

What does Funddom.com do to protect its community?

Funddom.com has a very dedicated intelligent team that keeps an eye on and monitors the system to ensure that there are no suspicious activities going on. If the intelligence and integrity team finds anything suspicious from the community reports, they report it to the administrator to ensure that the system is safe. Anything that does not align with the rules of funddom.com is not allowed in the system. It would spoil the reputation of the system, and the donors may no longer trust us with our projects. Funddom.com also protects backers who are also part of the community. The operation of funddom.com is based on an all-or-nothing funding system. No project can be charged until the project meets its funding goal. The project must come to life for funddom.com to deduct the 5% operating expenses from the amount pledged by the backer. The backer, therefore, gets enough time to evaluate the project.  The integrity and intelligence team also takes time to look at the concerns that could be raised by the backers. The project should be evaluated step by step in order to ensure that the entire community that participates in the support of the projects is not exploited. The backers' concerns are also handled effectively to ensure that the reputation of the system is not spoilt. Remember, the word is spread to all the people in your life to support your project and hence they should be protected so as to gain their trust towards their support in the project.

How do I start a project?

All people who meet the creator's requirements are free to start their projects. To start a project, you simply click on the green “start-up a project” button, situated at the topmost left of the page. Our creator handbook provides the instructions for structuring your project.  Please also refer to the funddom.com rules to ensure that your project is good and suitable. Save the project as a draft and then return later to finish it. Then submit it as a final copy to the funddom.com team for review. If it meets all the requirement, then the campaign is launched, and the donors start to make their contribution towards the support of the project.

What are the requirements for the users of funddom.com?

Funddom.com invites backers from all parts of the world. Current project creators on funddom.com are located in Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. However, for one to apply as a project creator with funddom.com, he or she should meet the following requirements:

  • Eighteen years and above.
  • You should also be a permanent resident of the country you are creating the project from. You should be a citizen of that country. You can either create the project in your own official name or that of a legal entity, in other words, a company.
  • You should also have a bank account, a national identity card issued by the government in your country of residence and an address.
  • You should also have a major debit or credit card.
  • However, teachers and parents can collaborate with their children below eighteen years to create the project. The adult should supervise the project to ensure that it comes to life. Children are not prevented from contributing any extra required efforts.

What are the recommendations before launching my project?

You should ensure that you have a detailed budget for all the costs you will incur in the implementation of the project. The budget will be used in the setting of your funding goal. Look very carefully at other projects from funddom.com especially the current ones. This ensures that your project's aims are not too low or too high and exaggerated. Before starting, brainstorming with friends, relatives and loved ones is also recommended before launching your project. You might get new and helpful ideas through brainstorming. Our creator handbook provides the structure required for a project. Consult the book to ensure that you do not make common mistakes. A plan is also necessary on how you are going to spread the information about the project. The media used in this case is social media, but you should have a plan on other strategies to use in order to reach a broad range of people.

What should I take into consideration when setting up my funding goal?

The minimum amount that is required to complete your project is the funding goal. You should take into consideration the cost of the resources you need to complete your project. It would be very efficient to make a list of the materials, resources and the expenses you will incur to complete your project with their prices indicated beside them. You should also have a backup plan from another supplier and include the extra cost that may be incurred. Relying on one supplier is precarious, as the cost could be lower as compared to others, but a backup plan is essential to the implementation of a project. You should share the breakdown of your project with your backers. This shows the supporters you have thoroughly researched, and you are ready to implement your project once it is funded. The project description should include the funding goal. Remember that once you launch your project campaign, you cannot change your funding goal. You should, therefore, be very careful when setting up your funding goal.

What information should I share on my project page?

The backers are frequent visitors of your project page and should have a clear picture on what you are trying to do. Therefore, you should include on your project page what you want to do, and all about the details of your project. You should also explain the strategic plans on how you want to do it. This is the implementation plan. Then how will you use the funds? This is the accountability part of the project. You should also convince the backers by describing the qualifications that you have to complete the project. In the case of teamwork, you should include the identities of the team members you are working with in your project. You should also include information about the progress of your project.

What is a project's maximum duration?

Funddom.com projects last between one to forty five days. From past research by funddom.com members, projects that continue beyond forty five days do not usually hit the finishing point. Funddom.com recommends deadlines for projects to be set for at least thirty days. A shorter duration tends to put pressure on both the backers and the project creators, therefore they need to work hard since the time limit is short. A long duration can make a project creator and the backers complacent. Shorter duration projects have a higher success rates.

I am collaborating on my project with others. Can we all be listed as the project creators?

You should create one account with your team members because each funddom.com project is linked to a single account. You can then include all the names of your team members that are displayed on your project page.

Is it possible for projects to raise more than their goals?

Yes, it is very possible. A funddom.com project campaign remains live until the deadline. Therefore, the backers can continue making pledges. The project receives all the money donated after deducting the operational fees. The extra funds can be used by the project creator to improve and upgrade his project. The creator can also improve on the rewards for the backers. All the money contributed towards the support of the project should be used on the project, and accountability provided. Any misuse of funds is highly condemned.

What are stretch goals?

A stretch goal is a funding goal that is set by the creator that is far beyond the funddom.com goal. Stretch goals are set by the creators so that they can make their projects more advanced and improved. However, stretch goals are not recommended for every project. Stick to your exact funding goal. What is the extra money for? It may be in case you want to advance on your project, if so, make a communication to your backers, and they will absolutely understand if you are honest and transparent. You should consider the project's complexity and communication when you want to make a stretch goal for your project. The project may become more complicated, so meeting the demands for rewards may not be easy. Adding more stuff in your project may also complicate things further. For instance, adding more songs in your album will call for a new formatting of the video and order of songs. To avoid stretch goals, you should have proper planning for your project. You must communicate to your backers and assure them that you will stick to your initial promise of the project. You should take the time to explain your plans, motivations and rewards. Therefore, you should be answerable to all questions from the backers.

Can funding be cancelled?

Yes, a project creator can cancel the funding. If the project is completed and ready for use and the creator does not need more funds, he can cancel it to avoid accountability problems or issues with the backers and funddom.com. Once a fund is cancelled, the pledges are immediately made void. This ensures that no money gets into the creator’s account.

Is it ok or possible to run two projects at the same time?

Funddom.com does not allow running more than one project at the same time. Neither can you start another project before the first one is complete. Having more than one project running live at the same time will confuse your backers. This will divide the support, and both projects may not be fully funded. No achievement is celebrated in this case. Running a project also requires much energy and concentration and therefore running more than one project will leave you tired for no reason.

How do I know someone will not steal my idea?

At funddom.com, we have a large community of backers. Therefore, we encourage our project creators to share their ideas with the backers so that they can get support. The funddom.com platform is based on collaboration and teambuilding. We have created this website to enable those projects and ideas that will be workable for the benefit of the community. You should therefore come up with ideas and give details of your project so that your backers can support you. You should trust your backers, and they should trust you in return.

What can be offered as a reward?

The rewards are the fruits or the good results obtained from the project. For instance, in a music project, a copy of a CD is the reward. The backer can also get a print from the show. Creative experiences can also be rewarded. For instance, if the project was a comedy show, the backer can be offered free comedy show visits as a reward. In the case of a movie or film, some of the characters can be named after the sponsors.

Is there a way to limit the reward?

Yes, you can limit the reward you want to offer to your backer. When you were creating your account, there was an option of "Limit # available." You should select that option to limit the reward you want to offer.

How do I handle the shipping charges on my rewards?

When you are setting the goal and the price of your reward, you should consider the shipping costs. You may be required to send envelopes that will cost you international postage fees. There are some funds that are pledged for shipping costs and they still count in your project goals. Therefore, you should specify in your account records that the amount pledged does not cover shipping costs in the project's development. This reduces confusion for the backers. If the backer is pledging from across the globe, you should specify the amount required for shipping. This makes things clear for your backers. Therefore, when the time comes for giving rewards, you do not experience too much pressure.  

How do I limit shipping rewards if I do not want to ship internationally?

If you do not want to ship internationally, you should consider your reward tiers so that you only ship within your country. You should set varied shipping details when creating the reward tiers. You should also put it clearly and keep on reminding your backers that you will not be shipping their rewards internationally.

During the process of setting up your rewards, you will be a position to select from the options below for each reward tier.

What are the options for shipping costs?

  • No shipping involved

For all the rewards that do not require shipping, this is the option to go for. For instance, if the reward is a digital copy of a film, you do not need shipping costs, you send it through email for your backer to download, watch and enjoy.

  • Restricted

In this option, you restrict shipping rewards to certain countries. For every country that you select, designate the shipping costs. You can offer shipping for both your country and the few countries you have selected. Designated cost is an additional cost that will be included in the reward description. The backers will get into the additional charges page and pledge for the additional shipping cost. Note, it is only backers from the selected countries that have the option to pledge for additional charges. As a backer, if your country is not selected, this option is not for you.

  • Shipping anywhere in the world

In this option, you can ship your reward to any part of the world. All the backers pledging to support your project can receive their rewards. They should see the additional charges fee and promise for the shipping costs. The shipping costs may be different depending on the countries. It calls for the project creator to specify the amount required to ship for every backer. The backer also pays the extra charges, if any, needed to ship the reward to his or her destination.

Where can I download the funddom.com logo from?

Yes, you can download the funddom.com logo at the funddom.com Brand Asset page. This page has a high resolution version that will enable you to access the funddom.com logo and other creator assets.

I am interested in partnering with funddom.com. How do I get in touch?

That is great. Are you an organization, an institution or entity and you are interested in partnering with us? You can reach us through partnerships@funddom.com. Nevertheless, at the moment, we are not taking sponsorship opportunities.

Does Funddom.com have a responsible security disclosure procedure?

We can assure you that if you have detected any bug in funddom.com, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please report issues to our engineering team who will resolve the security issue.

How can I report something to funddom.com?

In every project page, there is a “Report this project to funddom.com” button. This option is available to all project creators and communities, that is, backers and all the users of funddom.com. Please use this option to report to our administrator of any violations of rules, terms of utilization and community guidelines. You can also report information about our trademark and copyright policies here. If at any time you receive a message that you are suspected of spam or are outside our guidelines, be very quick to report them as spam and flag them to our team. For comments that are outside our guidelines, the creator can also mark them as spam. We may not be able to respond to all the reports we receive from every individual. However, our team investigates all the reports that we receive. Feel free to report to us anything that seems to be out of the ordinary, we would appreciate it.

How do I report a copyright violation?

Confirm with your lawyer first if you are not sure that the materials in funddom.com infringe your copyright. You should be very sure of the copyright infringement before filing a complaint with funddom.com. A misrepresentation of the copyright claims will cost you damage fees, attorney’s fees and any other expenses incurred by the project creator and all the parties involved. After confirming with your lawyer that your material is infringed, contact the project creator using the “contact me “option provided in our web page. However, if you are not able to reach the creator, we provide a form in our page that you should fill in and submit to the system administrator.

How do I report a trademark violation?

If you confirm, believe and you are very convinced that funddom.com infringes a trademark that you possess, report this to copyright@funddom.com. Our engineers will always evaluate and respond to every report they receive.

If I uploaded a wrong picture to the organizer’s name, how do I delete it?

Go to the right hand corner of the funddom.com web page and click on the organizer’s name, “My Account”. This will take you to a page where you will access your information. Scrolling down will get you to an option of uploading a new picture.

What would cause a credit card to be declined in funddom.com?

If the information in your checkout does not match with your bank account details, then your card will be declined. For those donor making donations internationally, some banks are very sensitive to security. Therefore, our checkout page may be well set up, but still reject the credit card. Therefore, the donor should communicate with his or her bank manager before making an international donation to funddom.com.

Can donors send checks instead of using a credit card to make donations to funddom.com?

Yes, donors can also make contributions by using checks. The donor should contact the project creator to make arrangements on how the check should be disbursed. The withdrawal charges and the operation

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