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Fundraising has been around for a long period of time and at times can be a very boring and tiring endeavor. However, with the entry of internet, everything has changed for the better. Now it’s possible to come up with numerous fresh and exciting ideas of how to fundraise. The resources provided by internet are tremendous and am sure you cannot fail to find some that will be beneficial to you.

Some of the most exciting and outstanding online fundraising ideas include:-

  • Crowdfunding

    There are many sites that offer funds for various genuine cases. They can provide funds for projects, disaster reliefs, business ideas, and funeral expenses among others cases. Crowdfunding sites have specific requirements that must be met before funding can be availed and some of these sites include GoFundMe, Indiegogo, GiveForward and Rally.org. You should be prepared to defend your idea and demonstrate its benefits and unique features for higher chances of securing funding.

  • Online sales and auctions

    Through various online sites – social media, commercial websites, online marts and personal websites, you can put up various merchandises for sale or auction. You would advertise the commodities and let interested people even come and inspect it before bidding. Online advertising and marketing would increase your chances of reaching a larger audience and making your sale.

  • Online fundraising campaigns

    • 1. One way you can approach this is through personal fundraising websites where people will get information about your idea or proposal and if interested invest in it. The website would contain all the information necessary to enable interested investors make informed decision. It would also give other well wishers and donors a chance to vet your idea and fund it or make a donation towards your idea.

    • 2. Online fundraising can also be carried out through social media and other friendly sites. You can sell your idea and plea for funds through social media as well as have your site’s link in other websites for maximum visibility and increased chances of getting noticed by investors. On social media you can ask people to donate small amounts of money towards your cause by providing genuine, persuasive and believable reason why they should.

    • 3. You can work with online retail and wholesale shops to run promotions aimed at getting people who support your idea to buy certain commodities online and have some percentage of the sales proceeds donated towards your cause.

  • Tickets / coupons selling

    If you have your own website and or social media accounts, you can market and sell tickets to events organized by you or better still work as an agent and sell movie, concerts, exhibitions, theater tickets among other tickets and coupons on behalf of other companies at a fee r commission.

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