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Fundraising for mission trip can be done through the following means -

  • Donations can be very useful in fundraising for mission trips. Since they are considered to be a mean to spread the gospel to other regions, most people who are in support of gospel outreach but cannot participate would be glad to make donations of any kind toward such an endeavor. Donations of either cash or goods can be encouraged and accepted. Goods that can be useful during the trip can be kept and the rest sold to raise money.
  • Souvenirs and other items brought from such trips can be sold to fundraise for subsequent mission trips.
  • Fairs could be organized that would require participants and attendees to pay some fee. Then the activities of the fair like trading, entertainment, could be charged at a margin to raise more money for the mission trips.
  • Members of the mission trips could be asked to involve their friends and relatives or families in efforts to bring goods or items that can be sold or auctioned to raise money.
  • The members could also offer services like selling the missions publications to the public or to members of the mission to raise money for their trip.
  • Talent show can also be organized as means to raise money for mission trips. Various participants can be invited to showcase their talents and compete for various prizes. Of course money would be collected from donations towards such event, entry fees and participation charges would also be collected.

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