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Treating cancer requires a lot of resources, dealing with this disease requires more than a family effort to manage the diseases and even cure it. The cost of treating cancer is normally inflated by the various procedures which are frequently done. In most cases, families trying to treat their family members are left bankrupt, and with no more funds to treat their loved ones, which is also contributed by cancer being a long term disease.

During the time of medication family members will not be able to participate in economic activities for they are in most of the time involved in offering emotional support to their family members who are affected.  What is worse is when the ailing family member is the sole bread winner.

Funddom.com is here to help you and your loved ones raise money for the treatment of cancer patient. Using fandom to raise funds for breast cancer and other forms of cancer is user-friendly and free. The following techniques are resourceful when raising money for cancer using fundom.com.

Having a good picture of yourself is very essential, this picture makes it possible for the people to relate to you and your process of fighting cancer. Second is disclosing your journey in fighting cancer on your crowdfunding page and share it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Doing this creates more awareness of your need for assistance, and this increases the chances of getting good people to support you and your family in the fight against cancer.  Additionally, having a blog post talking about your journey on fighting cancer will be interesting for people to read and associate with the story. This creates awareness of how to deal with the condition which many don’t know how to do it and puts you out in the world for people to recognize your need for assistance. Apart from you sharing your information on cancer, fandom already has a big population of donors and other people who are ready to fund people who are fighting cancer.

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