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Fundraising for cheerleaders can be an interesting activity. Cheerleaders are liked and at times adored by fans, peers and friend. 

  • Selling their uniforms would raise money as well as give those that couldn't make it to the admired status of cheerleaders, a chance to wear the uniform and feel great.
  • Fundraising for cheerleaders can also be accomplished through selling of pastries. The cheerleader can buy or make pastries like cakes, cookies and sell them to their fellow cheerleaders, friends and peers. The proceeds would then be used to further their causes.
  • Post cards could be printed with cheerleaders’ pictures or cheerleaders and team players on them and sold to the public from shops, stationary outlets, schools etc. Since the cheerleaders have easy access to players, they can have postcards or pictures signed by the team members then sell them to peers and friends.
  • Another fundraising idea for cheerleaders is through charging for their participation and performance in some activities. They can attend events held outside their college or school and perform at a fee. They can also attend and participate in events where they would act as entertainers to attract audiences to such events. They would then charge some fees for such a service.
  • Cheerleaders can also sell pastries and drinks to their counterparts or public to raise money. The profits from such sales would then be used to further the activities of the team.
  • Training and having organized tours would also be a great idea of fundraising money for cheerleaders. They would invite interested individuals to come and train with then but be required to contribute or pay small fee. Tours also would be organized by cheerleaders as a way to raise money. The trips can be sponsored by corporations which would pay for the opportunity to advertise and market themselves. 

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