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Most clubs make their own money and are now run by professionals who manage them like businesses. But of course there are clubs that face various challenges regarding money and may need to fundraise to get out of the red. There also cases where the club may be doing well but may want to undertake an ambitious project which may demand for some financial help from the public and or stakeholders.

This article discusses various workable fundraising ideas for clubs as indicated below:-

  • Fundraising through donations and contributions

    Clubs can organize fundraising campaign and have their members collect money from their relatives, friends and the public. Such monies can then be accumulated and added to the clubs kitty during the actual fundraising day. On the specific day of the fundraising event, people can be invited to make their contributions as well as have pledges made and material donations made too.

  • Clubs’ facilities and equipment

    Those clubs with good facilities and sufficient equipment can lease them to other clubs or individuals at a fee in efforts to raise money. Facilities like play grounds, courts, auditoriums, arenas, courses etc. can be leased out for sporting activities, picnics, weddings, photo shoots, meetings etc. In addition, equipments like racquets, balls, nets, bats, costumes among others, can be leased to other teams at a fee for purposes of raising money for club.

  • Charity events

    Club’s members can organize a charity event and have the public, friends and relatives invited to participate. Such events can include community cleaning and rubbish collection, creation of awareness e.g. on HIV-AIDS and walks and runs aimed on raising money for certain causes like heart surgeries. During such events, money collected through non-core activities of the charity cause e.g. selling of club’s branded merchandise can be taken by the club. Such events would market the club and increase chances of gaining new members who would bring in more money through registration and subscriptions fees.

  • Sporting activities

    Sporting activities would be awesome in raising money for clubs through charging of entrance fees, soliciting for sponsors, selling of food items and refreshments, leasing of club’s equipments and charging participation fees from other clubs.

  • Training opportunities

    Some superior clubs with great training personnel can offer training opportunities to the public or other clubs at a fee. The clubs can either have these trainees join them during training or arrange special training sessions for them.

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