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Education is a very vital need to every individual in the society and the emphasis placed on the importance of education is quite high and urgent. However, the impeding factor in fulfilling this need is lack of funds more specifically for college students. This is so because college education has become very expensive making it difficult for many students to access it. This article will explore some of the most tenable fundraising ideas that college students can use to raise money.

Some of the best fundraising ideas for college students are:-

  • Fundraising events and campaigns

    Fundraising events and campaigns work best where there are large numbers of people involved in the exercise. Colleges have large numbers of students, tutors, workers and the general public who can play a key role in raising money for college students. These individuals can be invited to attend fundraising events and be tasked to raise specific amounts through their friends and relatives prior to the main fundraising event.

  • Selling of fresh pastries and other goods

    The college community has large number of people who can provide potential market for fast moving goods and fresh pastries. Such goods cost less to buy and the margins can be increased if the cause is communicated clearly to the population.

  • Hosting of events – congresses, exhibitions, seminars, job fairs

    Through such events the college students can raise money by charging participation fees, requesting for contributions and donations whilst sourcing for sponsors. During the events, more money can be raised through selling of food items, refreshments, and stationeries among other fast moving items.

  • Sporting activities and competitions

    Colleges’ students harbor a rich pool of talents that can be harnessed to raise money. For such events to be more successful and raise more money they should be marketed earlier and the cause made clear to the participants and the public. During such events, the audience can be asked to pay a small entrance fee, students can lease out their equipments to other students and invited students from other colleges would be asked to pay some small participation fee whilst the public being invited to contribute or donate funds towards the students’ kitty.

  • Cultural events and exhibitions

    These can also be a great fundraising idea for college students. The different ethnic, racial, cultural and historical backgrounds of various students can be harnessed and showcased thorough such events to raise money. Folk songs, music, dances, wares and art items, jewelry and many more can be sold to the public at very attractive rates. In addition , entrance fees to such events can be charged, sponsors sourced for and other merchandises like water, refreshments, pastries and food sold to raise even more money.

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