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Dance teams have an advantage when it comes to fundraising for such teams have a unique talent that people would love to watch or even learn.

Thus fundraising ideas for dance teams include:

  • Dance teams can organize local or national performances and charge entry fees. The performance would also attract sponsors who would be asked to pay for advertising and marketing to the audience.
  • Charity events is another fundraising idea for dance teams. The team would organize charity event where they would invite other parties like corporates, government, NGOs and others to participate and contribute towards their cause. The dance team would raise money through direct contribution made by participants, payment from the charity organizers for the services provided and through selling of any merchandise they may deem fit including branded t-shirts, caps and wrist bands.
  • Events could be organized for public and private participation. People who would like to learn how to dance could be asked to pay some fees and attend trainig sessions that may run from a week to a month. Audience could also be asked to make contribution of whatever kind to the team.
  • Contributions and donations also can be great fundraising idea for dance teams. Family friends, members, relatives and the public can be asked to participate in contribution of funds for the team.
  • Selling of videos and tapes of their dancing performances can be a great fundraising idea for dance teams. They can have their best performance pieces video taped and sold to the public and members to raise money. In these videos, they can also incorporate few seconds of adverts from sponsors who would also pay for such an opportunity to advertise and market themselves through such platforms.
  • Dance teams can also participate and solicit to be involved in other events where perform as hired dancers. This would also be a great fundraising idea for the dance teams. Through performance in public arenas, private functions, they would earn much exposure and experience while raising money for their cause.

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