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We all love kids in one way or another. Those little angels arouse great admiration and bestow upon us a sense of responsibility and duty that we cannot escape from. The innocence of kids and lack of prejudiced opinion on them, make us always ready and willing to sacrifice for them. This is not any different when it comes to fundraising for them either. We pour our hearts and go extra miles to help kids in every manner we can and that’s why fundraising for kids is such an easy task if appropriately planned and executed.

Common fundraising ideas for kids

  • Sports events and activities

    The sites of kids competing, running up and down all over the place, happy and having fun entices and makes people happy and excited too. Such events can attract large crowds who would be then requested to make their contribution and donations towards supporting the kids. Parents of the kids, guardians and even the general public can be invited to participate or help the kids in events like sports, drawing, dancing, spelling bee and singing. Money can be raised from sponsors of such events, participation and registration fees and selling of refreshments, pastries etc. during the event.

  • Fundraising campaigns

    Fundraising campaigns can be very effective in raising funds for kids. Such campaign would involve having a specific day and venue from where people can gather and formally raise money. It can also involve kids, staff, parents and friends of the school raising money from the public through the use of pro-forma cards prior to the main fundraising event. The collected amounts are then accumulated together and used to bolster the raised amounts during the actual event.

  • Charity events

    Charity events can be organized and carried out with some degree of involvement of kids if they can participate. Otherwise, their parents, teachers, the public, and guardians can be involved. Events like walks, runs, community cleaning and rubbish collection can be undertaken by these individuals with partial participation from the kids whenever necessary. During such events refreshments, costumes and kids’ arts can be sold to raise money whilst requiring the participants to buy participating tickets at a small fee. Sponsors for such charity events can also be sourced.

  • Selling of fresh pastries and other fast moving items

    Fresh pastries and other fast moving small items can be darling to many of us. These can be sold by kids during specific occasions when there is guarantee of increased people traffic for example during sporting events, parents meetings, seminars, congresses etc. Alternatively the same items can be sold during regular days but to targeted individuals like teachers, students, parents and the public. The kids may not have the stamina to sell much but they can be assisted by their parents, teachers, brothers and sisters whenever necessary.

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