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What are your favorite sport and or team? Most of us are either active sportsmen or we have a certain sports or teams that we really like. Whenever it comes to sporting activities and games, we get excited and immerse ourselves into the frenzy without any hesitation. Long live sports we say.

Teams like any other institutions may need to raise funds to meet their obligations more so when their revenues do not meet their expenditures or when they need to undertake a prime project that may need huge capital outlay.

Some of the best fundraising ideas for sports include the following:-

  • Direct fundraising

    Teams have large community of supporters, fans, friends and well wishers. These people can be involved in directly raising money for the team from their friends, relatives and the public at large. Such monies so collected can then be accumulated together and submitted as an addition during fundraising ceremony/event. During the actual day of fundraising, various sports celebrities and other dignitaries can be invited to attract even more people and increase chances of raising more money.

  • Leasing of facilities and equipments

    Sports teams that have facilities like auditoriums, play grounds, and courts can lease them out to other teams to raise money. Event planners like churches, schools, other teams, NGOs and the general public can lease such facilities for events like weddings, picnics, ceremonies, meetings, and even fundraising. Leasing of sporting equipment to other teams, clubs and individuals can also be a good fundraising idea for teams.

  • Advertising and branding

    Teams that own facilities more specifically play grounds, courts, auditoriums etc can have them used to advertise specific company’s products and services at very attractive advisement and branding contracts. Additionally, the teams can have their players’ costumes and or equipments have sponsoring company’s logo or products’ images for even more revenue through advertisement and branding. This will be more lucrative as even the costs of buying the costumes can be channeled towards the teams fundraising kitty.

  • Sporting activities and competitions

    This is a great and easy mean to fundraise for sports teams. If marketed appropriately, such events can attract professional players, sponsors and large audience. Money would then be raised from entrance fee charges, sponsors, payment of participation fees from invited teams and selling of team’s merchandise during the events.

  • Amateur training opportunities

    Such opportunities if advanced to the public, other teams and clubs would be a good source of money that would help bolster the team’s fundraising kitty

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