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If you are looking to raise money online for business, film, school or charity, you needn’t worry as I will explain how to tap the online fundraising potential for own benefit. Of course it is not an easy task but believe me when I say, people are doing it and I believe you can do it too.

  • Have a great unique idea

    The first step in any effort to raise money is through conceptualization of a unique workable idea. After you have the idea, ensure you test it and have all factual facts that can back it up ready. Incorporate two or more people to work with you as your idea will have more impact if you are in a team as it showcases that you have dependable people who share same ideas as you and can help in implementation of your ideas.

  • Have your idea packaged appropriately

    Unless your ideas are packaged and presented in an orderly and professional manner, your chances of getting funding are very close to zero. Most people fail to convince investors or well wishers on how their ideas are different and what impact they are going to have in their respective sectors. Whereas the ideas may be superb and workable, presentation is very vital and having to invest in training on successful pitching techniques and methods would be a worthwhile investment. Remember some of the people you may be presenting the idea to may not be knowledgeable in that area, may not be businessmen and may not see your ‘obvious ideal” unless clearly and precisely explained to.

  • Use all available channels

    Ensure that you employ all forms of media and other platforms to increase your chances of getting funds. Be on every social media, online platforms, create your own websites, and register with crowdfunding sites to increase your chances of getting funds. Let everyone interested in your idea see it trending for increased chances of not missing it.

  • Keep correspondence and be accountable

    If you are successful in getting funding, ensure that you keep and maintain correspondence with your funders and be accountable for the funds you get. That way you can establish trust with your funders and be guaranteed of further help.

  • Share your success and give back to the society

    Ensure you share and let your friends, colleagues and peers know about your story for motivation purposes and guidance. Your little story may open more doors for you whilst helping your brother or sister know how to go about in getting funding online.

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