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The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that attracts top talent and artists. However, despite the rosy stories of blockbusters and office movies and films, there are numerous challenges facing budding film makers and producers. There are numerous talents than can be absorbed, saturations of films and movies, lack of newer interesting ideas among other challenges. But of these challenges one is more pronounced and affects the other challenges mores – lack of funds.

Then the question becomes how promising film makers can raise money for their movies and films. Noting that quality, engaging of top talents and reaching your audience through advertisements, marketing and promotions are all affected by the availability of funds.

I will discuss some few ideas on how to raise money for a film and movie:-

  • Crowdfunding

    The most important mean to raise money for a film is through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding websites can be very useful source of funds for your movie/film. As long as you have a great workable project and you follow given instructions and meet requirements as per each site, you would get funding.

  • Dinners, lunches and parties

    These are great in raising money for movies from specific individuals who are supportive of your idea or want to invest. Invitation would be sent out to individuals for dinners, parties and lunches and the invitees would be required to pay certain amount for the services or meals or alternatively asked to make any contribution or donation towards the production of the movie /film. During such events it’s paramount to network and ensure your movie idea is promoted and sold to larger audience other than the attendees

  • Online campaigns

    The internet and social media can be an important tool in raising awareness about the movie/film and soliciting for funds from the public. Through such platforms, one can market and advertise his movie/film and explain to the public why they should contribute to the movie and the benefits they would gain as a society. The results of such efforts can be fruitful given that it would attract fans and well wishers whose donations though small would be huge if many people get convinced to contribute.

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