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Ideas for raising money for a church are many. Churches have congregation that at times can be huge hence making it easy to raise money. Since churches deal with the gospel, they can attract large contributors from and without the church.

Some ideas for raising money for churches include:

  • Members can be asked to contribute towards the church’s cause. Each member can be given an envelope and asked to put whatever he has into it then surrender the envelop to the ushers, a basket would be passed around and members would be required to put into the basket their contributions or memebers would be required to pick a contribution card which they would use in collecting money from their friends, peers, families to make contributions. These contribution are then brought to the church.
  • Selling would also be a great idea for raising money for churches. A specific day or week can be set aside where the church can buy goods in bulk and then sell them to members or the public. Any margins would then be given to the church. Church members can also be asked to bring their goods and sell on these occasions and contribute some of the sales to the church.
  • Churches can publish their own hymn books, gospel books and other publications which would then be sold to members. Church’s Sunday or Saturday programs can also be printed and sold at small fee to the congregants.
  • Churches choirs’ praise and worship songs are a magnet that attracts congregants to attend church services. Some congregants would like to have these hymns and songs of praise in a DVD, CD or tape so that they can listen to them from whenever and wherever they want. These choirs can produce their songs and hymns and, sell them to the members of the church or public to raise some money for the church.
  • Donations and fundraising drives also form a great idea for raising money for churches. Donations boxes could be placed at strategic places within the community or town or city with clear labels showing the purpose of such donations.
  • Fundraising would also be carried out as another idea for raising money for churches. Contribution cards would be issued to members to use in collecting money from the public on church's behalf. Then these funds would be collected and presented during the fundraising event where people of all ilks would be invited to make their pledges and contributions.

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