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Fundraising ideas for your workplace : 

  • Online fundraising for non profits can be undertaken through collaboration with social websites and platforms where these firms’ website would be featured with a direct link that would direct one to their site. Once directed to the firm’s site, if willing, one can donate to whatever cause is being championed for. Alternatively, the nonprofits companies with websites can have a ‘donate’ button on their sites enabling people to donate. Those without websites can have a ‘donate’ button embedded on social platforms, sites, and other sponsored websites that could enable donations to be made.
  • Another way of online fundraising for non-profits (with websites) would include having sponsored pages or adverts on their websites. These pages or websites would then be charged for advertising on these sites.
  • Yet another online fundraising for nonprofits is through featured adverts and promotions where the shoppers or customers would be encouraged to buy items, goods or services at discount with a promise that the profits or a certain percentage of the sales proceeds would be donated to the non profit firm. Such campaigns can be carried out in collaboration with online merchants where they can run a "buy to support" promotions.  This would imply that whenever you make a purchase using attached link or from that merchant, the proceeds or particular amount would be donated to the non profit company.
  • Fundraising ideas for workplaces would involve individual contribution and solicitation for contributions from friends and relatives. Colleagues can set targets that they should meet as individuals and then set out to raise the funds by all means possible. After collecting money from friend, relatives and families, they then can pool the contributions together.
  • Workplaces can also hold interdepartmental sports competition where they can encourage members to contribute towards such activities, invite sponsors to support the event and sell goods and items during the event to raise money.


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