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The information we collect from you To be able to create an account on funddom.com and start using our services, we will need you to provide us with the following information:

  • Personal details: This may include name, postal address, telephone number, email and nationality. You may be required to provide this information when registering to use our services, subscribing to newsletters, uploading or submitting material through our site or requesting any information.
  • Your username/login and password information: When signing up for an account.
  • Information related to your activity when combing through our website such as your browser type and IP address.
  • Your communications to us especially the text when asking for support, asking questions or making comments and contributions to discussions.
  • What is considered private?
  • The public (and other users) will not be able to see the following data:
  • The payment information you provide
  • Your IP address
  • Password details
  • Your phone number
  • Communications you send to us especially when asking for support or sending us comments and other questions.

We do not share the information you give us with third parties except when we partner with other payment processing companies. However, when we do this, we require that they treat your information with utmost confidentiality as we do. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to disclose any personal details when it's reasonably necessary to comply with matters of law or when it comes to law enforcement, to curb abuse or fraud and to protect our legal rights. What is Public? When you sign up for an account, we will create a profile page for you comprising of your account name, the account's creation date and a list of projects you have launched or backed. Whenever your own account name shows up on funddom.com (for example when you send messages, back projects or post comments), other users may click on your account name and be able to see your profile. However, your profile is not searchable on our website or other search engines such as Google. Here are the details that the public can view on your profile:

  • Account name and its creation date
  • Any information you prefer to include in your profile such as bio, picture or location
  • Any comments you previously posted on our site
  • The projects you have backed except the rewards chosen or pledge amounts
  • If you've liked any project update

Kindly note that each project page contains a community of users that have backed the project. If you wouldn't like users to identify your name in the project's backer tab, you can select an account name that's hard to identify such as CatLov2015. How we use your personal information We'll use the personal details you supply us to:

  • Easily identify you whenever you sign in to your own account
  • Send you relevant marketing information in accordance with your selected email preferences
  • Help us provide you with useful services
  • Administer your account
  • Make projects available to you that we believe will be relevant to you based on your location and previous use of similar services
  • Analyze how people use our services in order to improve our services and content

We take your data privacy and security seriously and will not post anything to your Twitter, Facebook or other third party accounts without your consent. Email Our desire is to communicate with you only if you would like to keep receiving our information. We always try to keep our emails to the minimum. We give you the option to unsubscribe at any time. We will email you information pertaining to transactions that relate to your account. You will receive marketing email communications that you may choose to opt out of at any time. Once in a while, we may email you service related announcements only when necessary. Other important details worth knowing To delete or modify personal information that you've given us, you will simply need to log into your account and make necessary updates. We may retain some information for certain business purposes or as required by the law. Persons aged below 18 years are not allowed to use 'website name' on their own. Information that you provide through our website can be transferred to other locations other than your own residence (for instance, in a country where our servers are based). We'll protect all of your information according to this privacy policy.

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