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The most tragic life cycle in life is death. Nevertheless, when it comes knocking, sending off the dead is at times an expensive affair that may need fundraising in order to carry out successfully.

How to raise money for a funeral can be quite challenging since it invokes deep emotions in those briefed and the success sometimes depends on the relationship the dead had with the living which can at times complicate the matter.

However tricky raising money for funeral can be, the need to respectively send off loved ones is important and the following ideas can be used to raise the much needed money for funerals.

  • Fundraising event can be held where prior to the actual fundraising, contribution cards and forms can be sent out to various people including family members, relatives and, friends in efforts to collect money. These individuals would then be required to raise money by seeking contribution from their friends, colleagues, peers and relatives. After collecting the contributions, they are then pooled together and summed.

During the actual fundraising, more contributions are made including pledges and total contributions summed up and announced.

  • The families and relatives of the deceased can put advert on dailies in efforts to reach out to as many people as possible and let them contribute toward the funeral arrangements. There could be a bank account included, a phone number to call and pledge, deadline for any submission of contributions and venue where donations and gifts can be taken.
  • Some items belonging to the deceased including works he did and biographies can be sold out or auctioned to raise funds that would be used to cover the costs of the funeral.
  • On social medias, the family can raise money for funeral through online donations and pledges. This can be achieved through strategically placing "donate" buttons on social sites or some websites where friends, family, relatives and well-wishers can donate.
  • Some goods and items can be purchased and repackaged then sold to family members, friends and relatives at a higher price for the purpose of raising money for the funeral. These goods would be labeled appropriately to indicate the purpose for which the sales proceed would be used

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