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An online fundraising site can provide you a solid platform through which you can fetch funds for your project. No matter what your project is, which domain or walk of life or society it belongs to, if it is impactful, the public will appreciate it, and might contribute for it.

Raise money online for projects and causes

is an online fundraising website, which enables you to obtain finances from prospective investors for your project/idea/cause. There are visionaries looking for unique business ideas to invest in and increase their capital, and if you would present your idea in an interesting style, chances are that they will show an interest in becoming partners with you.

At Funddom, you can easily create, publish a page or profile for your project campaign, and invite your peers and target users to this check out the page and give donations. The best part of raising money online for projects is you receive (small portions of) funds from different investors, and you do not really have to visit banks and other government agencies to get loans, you receive your investors’ money in your bank account.

Easy to create profile

Funddom.com is quite a handy site, which you can access even on your mobile phone and tablet device. To create and start a fundraising campaign on our site, what you need are a few pictures that speak thousands of words regarding your campaign, and an interesting story that depicts what your project is all about. You can render your profile in a theme and color that meet the appeal of your campaign.

Clear, straightforward withdrawing policy

Once your campaign turns a hit, you start receiving funds from your investors. You can withdraw your funds in your bank accounts, by letting us know your bank account details.

To know more about the fundraising for projects, you can read through our How It Works (FAQ) page, or speak to us.

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